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Welcome to the Registry Compliance management site. Our goal is to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for you to comply with the various state registry laws.

If this is your first visit to Registry Compliance, the best way to get up and running is to open a new marketer account. Your application can be submitted in less than an hour, and you can begin compliance as soon as your account application has been approved.

To the left of this page you will see a navigation menu. Within each general topic, you will find a list of subtopics. For example, you are currently viewing the "At a Glance" subtopic underneath the "Compliance Information" topic. Use this menu to navigate to the various pages within the website.

The pages within the "Compliance Information" topic will introduce you to the child protection registries, their legal requirements, and the registry compliance process. If you are already familiar with this information and wish to apply for an account, please visit our application section. You can always return by clicking the "Compliance Information" menu option to left.

The Registry Compliance website and systems are provided as a convenience to assist you in complying with the state registry laws. Through this site, you can manage your compliance through a single, centralized account. However, you do not have to use this system. You can comply with each state's law individually by visiting Michigan's website or Utah's website.