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Michigan Law Information

Michigan prohibits the sending of any message that "... advertises a product or service that a minor is prohibited by law from purchasing, viewing, possessing, participating in, or otherwise receiving." Currently, prohibited messages include those related to:

  • Alcohol (MCL 436.1701)
  • Tobacco (MCL 722.641)
  • Pornography or Obscene Material (MCL 722.673-722.677, MCL 750.142-750.
    143, 47 USC 231(e)(6))
  • Gambling (MCL 432.218)
  • Illegal Drugs (MCL 333.7401)
  • Firearms (MCL 750.223,MCL 28.422)

You cannot send a prohibited message to any address that has been on the Michigan registry for more than 30 days. Therefore, each time you send your messages, you must scrub your lists if more than 30 days have elapsed since your previous scrub. Be aware that the registry contains more than one address type (called a contact point). E-mail addresses, fax numbers, mobile (SMS) numbers and various instant messenger IDs are all eligible for inclusion in the registry, so you must make sure to scrub each type of contact point to which you send messages.

The Michigan Public Service Commission has set the scrub fee per address at seven-tenths of a cent ($0.007). This fee covers the costs of maintaining the registry and enforcing the law.

Violation of the Michigan children's protection registry act is a felony and is punishable by up to three years in prison and $30,000 in criminal penalties. The law further provides for civil penalties of the lesser of $5,000 per address or $250,000 per day in violation.

For specific legal information about the Michigan Children's Protection Registry act, please refer to the statutes and associated Administrative Rules:

For more information, please visit Michigan's website: