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Compliance Methods

There are three options for meeting your obligation to scrub your lists:

  1. Use a compliance partner
    You may submit your lists to one of our compliance partners to scrub lists on your behalf. For more information, please visit our compliance partners page.
  2. Use the Regsitry Compliance desktop program
    For faster scrubbing or for larger lists, you may perform your own scrubbing by using the Registry Compliance desktop program. This allows you to import your lists, scrub them against the registries, and create cleaned lists that meet the legal requirements of each jurisdiction. For more information, please visit our compliance software page.
  3. Integrate with the Registry Compliance API
    Finally, you may integrate the Registry Compliance system directly into your own systems through use of the Registry Compliance Application Programming Interface (API.) For more information, please visit our Registry Compliance API page.

The method you choose will depend on the specific needs of your company. Here are a few suggestions:

Using a Compliance Partner is often the simplest and most straightforward method of scrubbing your lists. If you are already using a compliance partner to send your messages, it is likely they also provide compliance services. However, if you are uncomfortable with releasing your list to a third party, you may accomplish scrubbing through one one of the other methods.

The Registry Compliance desktop software is ideal for companies which do not have programming expertise or which do not wish to integrate their systems with the Registry Compliance system. The program can handle large lists (millions of addresses per scrub), scrubs against both available jurisdictions, scrubs multiple contact point types (e-mail addresses, fax numbers, instant messenger IDs, etc.,) and creates digitally signed clean lists that meet the requirements of both jurisdictions.

The Registry Compliance API provides all of the information that an IT team needs to write specifically-tailored, robust software that seamlessly links your existing technology to the Registry Compliance system. For more information, please visit our Registry Compliance API page.

Whichever option you choose, the security of your lists will be protected. We respect the obligations of your privacy policies and have designed our systems to ensure your customer data is never revealed. No personally identifiable information from your lists ever leaves your computer. For more information regarding the security of your lists, please visit our security page.