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Registry compliance maintains the highest standards of security throughout our systems and facilities. We respect your privacy and your privacy commitments to your customers.

The state registries do not actually store any registrants' personal information. When a person submits their address for registration, the address is used to generate a unique 32-character code through a process known as "hashing." Once hashed, the code cannot be used to reconstruct the original address. The registries contain only these codes, not the original addresses.

When you scrub a list, each address is hashed in the same way as during address registration. That is, each address is used to generate a unique 32-character code that cannot be used to reconstruct the original address. Each code that you scrub is compared with each code in the registries, and if a match is found, the corresponding address is removed from your list. In this way, no personally identifiable information from your lists ever leaves your computer. Also, once the scrubbing process is complete, the system discards your list's hash codes, so that we do not store the hashes any longer than is necessary to complete your scrub.

Every Registry Compliance employee undergoes a background check and vetting process. Furthermore, we undergo external security audits on an annual basis, and maintain the latest safeguards in our systems such as firewalls, denial-of-service countermeasures, and advanced anti-snooping capabilities.

All information you submit to us through this website is protected with at least 128-bit SSL encryption. For more information about how we guard your sensitive information, please see our privacy policy, our knowledge base, or contact us with any questions.