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You may register for both the Michigan Children's Protection Registry and the Utah Kids Registry through the same process. We highly recommend that you register for both states' registries at the same time. Nevertheless, if you only wish to register for one jurisdiction at this time, you may return later to add the remaining jurisdiction to your account. For information about the state's registries and the compliance process, please visit our compliance information section.

Registration is accomplished through each state's registration website. If you are registering for both jurisdictions, we will first connect you with the Utah Kids Registry. The window will be split into two frames, with a navigation menu above and the Utah Kids Registry site below. If you are registering for scrubbing in both states, and once you have finished your Utah registration, we will automatically direct you to the Michigan Children's Protection Registry to repeat the process for Michigan.

Although you must register separately in each state, your state registrations may be centralized through a single Registry Compliance account if you use the same username for both applications. Once registered, you will be able to use your Registry Compliance account to manage both jurisdictions. You do not need to use Registry Compliance, however. If you choose, you may manage either of your state registrations through their respective state websites.

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