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Registry Compliance Application Programming Interface

API access has been designed to integrate easily into a wide variety of environments. Through a system of HTTP POST requests, the system allows you to create scrubbing mechanisms that meet your company's specific needs. Furthermore, the system is robust enough to handle proxies and firewalls, different programming environments, and concurrent scrubbing of multiple accounts.

The API system is well documented and very straightforward. Nevertheless, our technical team is happy to assist you with your particular implementation by providing code samples and e-mail assistance.

Each API-integrated account is assigned an account key and an API access key. These keys are unique to your account and should not be shared with other users.

If you wish to implement the Registry Compliance Application Programming Interface, you must first contact us to activate your API key. Once approved, your development team may integrate your systems with Registry Compliance by referring to the API document.

There are no additional setup or ongoing costs to comply by using API integration.

You must be signed into your account to view the API and your account keys. Please sign into your account and then return to this page. Once you are signed in, your keys and the API document will appear below.