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Once you have imported your file, the Scrub Your File page displays your import information and allows you to scrub your file.

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Import Information:

The scrub page contains an informational display that shows the results of your file import. The meaning of each item is as follows:

  • Status - This will say either Successfully Imported or Failed to Import, and refers to whether your file was successfully imported. If you receive Failed to Import, please restart the application and try again. If the error continues, please contact us.
  • Scrub Type - This is the type of information you are scrubbing.  (ex. e-mail addresses, fax numbers, sms numbers, etc.)
  • Task Name - The name of your scrub task
  • Filename - This is the filename of your import file.  (The file path is not included for readability.)
  • Import Time - This tells you how long the application took to import your file (rounded to the nearest second).
  • Transfer Rate - This number tells you how quickly the file was imported. For example, a rate of 5 KB/s means that it would take 1 s to import a 5 kilobyte file.
  • File Size - This value lists the size of the encrypted file that will be scrubbed by the application.
  • Number of Entries - This refers to the total number of addresses that were imported. If this number is different than you expect, the importer may have skipped some addresses (see below). Otherwise, if there is a mismatch between this number and your actual number of addresses, please contact us.
  • Number of Domains - Sometimes two different e-mail addresses use the same domain. For example, and both have the same domain ( in their addresses. This is normal and to be expected. The Number of Domains value lists the number of unique domains found in the list and it should never be greater than the number of addresses.  This only applies to files of type E-mail Addresses.
  • Estimated Fee - This is the charge that the Registry Compliance system will charge your account if your results are properly scrubbed and exported. Your account will not be billed until you export your results.
  • Lines Skipped - Whenever the importer can't read a line, or the line does not appear to be a valid address, the importer will skip that line. If the importer skips any lines, it will create a file called Skipped.txt in the default directory. This file lists each line that was skipped, and if possible, the reason for the skip. Please take the time to read the skipped lines file as any skipped addresses will not be scrubbed and will not be included in your final results.

When you are ready to scrub your file, press the Scrub button.  The scrub process make take up to 3 hours, depending on the size of the file, but an average scrub should take less than 15 minutes. A progress bar and timer will appear in the status bar, showing you the progress of the scrub. Your results will not be prepared until the entire list is scrubbed.

You may press Cancel at any time to stop your file scrub.

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