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The Select Profile Options page allows you to specify a task name, client, scrub type and jurisdiction for your scrub task.

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Task Name:

You may assign a name to your scrub task, or accept the auto-generated name that appears upon loading. This name will be used, in addition to the task's unique identification key, to identify the task when communicating with the Registry Compliance team, or when retrieving a previously scrubbed task. Please see the Task Management help page for more information about task retrieval.


If your account has been approved for scrubbing on behalf of other marketers, each marketer for which you are responsible is considered to be your client. Each of these clients appears as an option in the Client list box. You can scrub your list on behalf of any of these clients, or for your own account. Click on the box to select a client, or leave the selection set to My Account to scrub your own file. Your client list is unique to your account, and is not stored by the application. Consequently, if your client list is incomplete or incorrect, you must contact customer service to make changes to your client list.

Scrub Type:

The Scrub Type list box contains the list of available scrub types for your jurisdictions.  Types may include, but not be limited to e-mail addresses, fax numbers, mobile numbers and instant messenger information.  Select the type that corresponds to your list.  For example, if you wish to scrub a list of fax numbers, select Fax Numbers from the Scrub Type list box. 

If you do not see the file type that you wish to scrub, it may be because the jurisdictions you are authorized to scrub do not support that particular type.  Scrub types are jurisdiction-specific.


The Registry Compliance desktop application gives you the ability to scrub against one or more available jurisdictions.  Only jurisdictions for which you are authorized to scrub will appear in the list.  Furthermore, the jurisdiction list also depends on your scrub type.  Once you have selected a scrub type, the jurisdiction list will include only those jurisdictions that allow that scrub type. For more information about currently available jurisdictions and their legal requirements, please visit our compliance information section.

You must select at least one available jurisdiction for scrubbing. Selection is made by clicking the checkbox next to the jurisdiction's name. For example, to scrub against the Utah Kid's Registry, click the checkbox next to Utah. To remove Utah as your jurisdiction, simply click the checkbox again.  If you don't see the jurisdiction that you wish to scrub, check your scrub type - not all jurisdictions may allow all scrub types.

When you have selected your client (or your own account), scrub type and jurisdiction(s), press the Continue button at the bottom of the screen. This will forward you to the Import Your File page.

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